Fr. Makewa Profile

Nursery 1960 – 1961
Unyuani Primary School 1961 – 1963
Out of school Two years due to lack of school fees
Baptized 30-10-1965
Misyani Primary School 1965 -1971
Queen of Apostle’s seminary, Nairobi 1972 -1973
Kibosho Philosophical college, Tanzania 1976 -1977
St. Thomas Theological College, Nairobi 1978 -1982
Pastoral experience in the following parishes, Kibwezi, Thatha and Makueni
Ordained Deacon 1982
Ordained Priest 4/12/1983
Makueni Parish as an assistant Priest 31st December 1983
Mbitini parish-Acting Fr. In Charge 5th October 1984 Katangi parish- Fr. In Charge
12th December 1983 – 4th May 2003
Makueni parish- Fr. In Charge 4th May 2003 – 22nd April 2010
Initiated 38 new outstanding churches, Total 48 outstation in Katangi parish for 20 years as Fr. In Charge in Katangi.
Baptized 22,200
Marriages 3,600
Confirmation 15,210
New sister Convent
Dispensary and new ambulance
5 water boreholes + 6 bore holes $ big parish water tanks
10 water drums
Electricity from Wamunyu to Katangi
Carving and basket project at Katangi market – ARC
Build 3 secondaly schools namely: Fr. Makweta High School, Katangi High School and Kyua High School.
Established food store reservoir, Kikesa.
2 Polytechnics, Katangi and Kalyambeu
Build Kiusyani Primary School, Std 1 – 8
Sponsored 416 orphans in Secondary schools and 48 in Universities.
Extended Fathers’ house

Initiated a monastery – for sisters (Nuns)
Constructed a two storey hos for priests at Wote town
Started a good primary school – St. Catherine Primary School, one of the best performing schools in Makueni County.
Opened 16 new outstanding churches
Constructed 17 new churches
Acquired 10 churches’ plots
Renovated all buildings in Unoa compound and multipurpose – Wote town
Fenced permanently Unoa and Multipurpose
Initiated electrification Unoa area.
Baptisms – 12,800
Confirmation – 8,000
Acting chairman Makueni district hospital – 1 year
Constructed modern Dias at Multipurpose – Wote Town
Constructed a permanent Dias.

Katangi parish- Fr. In Charge for 20 years
Chairman of justice and peace Machakos diocese 1988 -2003
Chairman priests in Machakos diocese 2004 -2010
Dean Makueni deanary 2003 – 2010
BOG member – Bishop Kioko Hospital 1987 -2010
External patron of all catholic students from Kitui, Mwingi, Machakos and Makueni in Egerton University 2007 – 2010
Acting chairman Makueni District Hospital
Chairman of all sisters and priests – Kanzalu parish
Family leader
Diocesean development chairman

The above achievements were made possible through contributions from the people of good will, well wishers and specifically the people of St Joseph’s Whetherby Leed Diocese UK.