• Psychological work which includes individual counseling and groups therapy sessions, which aim to build their dreams and aspirants to overcome internalized stigma, and also to give hope and sense of positive thinking.
Poverty Eradication, Youth and Women Empowerment
  • Training on income generating activities – to challenge the deep rooted cultural acceptance of corporal punishment and other cultural practices which  hinder self-development and actualization of independence.
  • Integrated food security programes.
Food Security, Drought Management and Water Utilization

To alleviate poverty to promote access to education welfare services, mitigate impact of drought, alcohol addiction

Drug addicts rehabilitation
  • Conduct school visits to monitor attendance and progress and assist school management to develop improved plans and special programs for those children.
  • Support out of reach programs and activities to promote model desired behaviours.


  • Machakos County
  • Makueni County
  • Kitui County
  • Kajiado County
  • Nairobi County

We have ongoing projects in the above listed counties

Our Completed Projects

  • Father Makewa High School
  • Kyula High school
  • Implementing and instilling strong agricultural skills in the students through successful practical farming projects.